Ostrale 2012

Klaustrophobische Rauminstallation für die Ostrale Dresden. Ein Haus, in dem Licht zu sehen ist, oder ein Raum , der aber nicht betreten werden kann. Gänge werden enger, Beklemmung trotz Holz. Gefühle der Vergangenheit, Assoziationen von Buden, wegen dem Holz.

Material: Mixed Media, vorwiegend Holz. Sound: Svarte Greiner

The hut in the forest

Ostrale 2012

Claustrophobic installation for the Ostrale Dresden. A hut, mostly out of wood. Just one person could and should enter. One after another. So the experience is always just for one alone. It is about isolation. You can see light and a room from the outside, but it is not possible to enter it, when you go inside. There is at last just a narrow dark corridor, which leeds outside again.
Feelings of oppression are intended. Associations should be triggered. The story accrues in the head of the viewer.

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